Privacy policy


What Kind of Information Do We Collect?

We collect data (information you provide about yourself to share with your doctor like the condition you’re living with and treatments you’re trying), restricted data (like your name, email address, phone number, and date of birth), and data about how you use our platform. 

Platform use data

We may use web tracking technologies such as cookies and pixel tags to understand how members use our platform. Such collected data (“Platform Use Data”) may include the URL of the websites you visited before and after you visited our Platform, the type of browser you are using, your Internet Service Provider, what pages in our Platform you visit, what links you click on, date and time of your visit and duration, and whether you open email communications we send to you. You may be able to modify your browser settings to alter which web tracking technologies are permitted when you use the Platform, but this may limit your use of the Platform.

What Are My Rights Regarding My Data?

Recent legislation from Europe has put a lot of emphasis on data rights, but we have believed these rights applied to everybody from the day we started. Your data rights include:

  • Right to clear and transparent communication about your data
  • Right to see your data
  • Right to correct your data
  • Right to have your data deleted
  • Right to be notified if your data is stolen
  • Right to request that processing stop on your data

Note that these rights may be restricted where they conflict with other people’s rights or various legal processes. And we can’t undo any processing that has already happened.

Data storage and security of transfer

All data is stored in data centers and is encrypted during the transfer from the phone to the data center. 

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