About Us


We create opportunities for doctors to treat more patients

More patients connect to doctors, give accurate information about their health and discover better treatment through the Alini platform. 

It all started with a dream of helping more people in need faster and at smaller costs.


As a doctor you will learn & earn more

Alini platform allows you cooperate with peer doctors and converge the treatment towards the best cause of illness for more patients in shorter timeframe


Less worries for you, more care for the entire family

You are the responsible person in your family, use Alini platform to manage all you parents and kid's medical data, track them, and let doctors treat them!

Who we are


Who we are

We are Alini, a vibrant science and technology organization working in the healthcare field, building great products at the edge of technology and social engineering. 

Aligned in practice with local healthcare legislation

In each country we work with different partners who qualify to contract services for the Alini platform and deliver to patients. In order to become such a partner please contact us mentioning ALINI PARTNER in the subject line.

We identify together with our partners the best legal procedures to deliver the advice on the mobile App to the patients by the professionals. 

We work together with partners to expand the geographic reach of quality health care providers and allow patients all over the country receive high quality care from top providers. 

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